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Two Way Radio Headset

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Oftentimes, we rely on our cell phones to quickly communicate with someone, but what if we need to reach someone or even a group of people in an instant? It is inconvenient to try and call someone when you need to relay a message immediately. This is where the walkie talkie takes its claim as the ideal business communication solution. Unlimited people can be monitoring a channel and you can quickly get your message across to your team. With two way radio accessories, you can become even more efficient. One of the most popular options for two way radio rentals is the two way radio headset.

The two-way radio headset is an accessory for your walkie talkie that lets you communicate with other people without having to physically hold on to your radio. This is very useful for those who need to have their hands free to work and would prefer to clip their walkie onto their belt. Each headset has a microphone to transmit audio as well as a speaker to receive audio.

Two Way Radio Headsets are just one of many walkie talkie accessories available when you rent walkie talkies. These differ from the surveillance earpiece that are most commonly found with film and television walkie talkie rentals. With the over-the-ear headset, a single earphone is on one ear and a boom mic is articulated in front of the user’s mouth. There is a PTT (push-to-talk) button that clips onto the lapel of the user and when they would like to transmit audio, it is as easy as pushing the button and speaking.

For event planners, stage managers, and production coordinators, this can be great as the headset remains in place comfortably for extended periods of time. Your hands are free until you need to speak, allowing you to work on other things and not worry about holding your walkie. Another great feature is their noise-dampening abilities in loud environments. Since the earphone is directly on the ear, it can help lessen ambient noise while still allowing the wearer to be in-tune with what is going on nearby.

When you rent two-way radio headsets, you receive a durable, brand-name model. These feature Kevlar-reinforced wiring and are built to withstand many hours of use. They have a comfortable headband that can be adjusted to all head shapes and sizes! Since the microphones are on a boom that can be moved, they help to maintain clear audio transmissions as well. If you are at an event, your team will be able to hear you through any noise! These feature a two-pin connection for use with Motorola CP200 and Motorola PR400 radios.

Instantaneous communication is made easy with wireless walkie talkies and accessories like radio headsets. Streamline communication in your store, when you are on a film set, working on a construction site, or hosting an event. Walkie talkies’ ease of use and efficiency are further enhanced with two way radio headsets.

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