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2 Way Radios

At Hudson Radios, we supply for rent the most dependable, sturdy, and easy to use 2 way radios in the city. 2 Way Radios are useful in many industries and keep team members in communication, leading to a more cohesive work environment.

Not every 2 way radio is created equal, however. Many consumer-grade radios are cheaply made and not very powerful, with a range well under useful minimums. With the Motorola CP200 and Motorola PR400, you’ll get long-range, 4W output for jobs, productions, and events that take place over a wide area. The batteries are long-lasting, and the analog nature of the 2 way radio makes them more dependable and low-latency than their digital counterparts.

With our 2500Mwh batteries, you’ll easily get more than 8 hours of use out of each charge. Batteries easily slide off for quick replacement and lock in for uninterrupted use.

The long-range of the walkie-talkies also makes them well suited for trips on the hiking trail or while camping. Cell service won’t be an issue when you want to get in contact with your fellow campers!

In addition, these rental radios are also perfect for urban environments. The powerful 4W UHF output allows the radio signal to penetrate the concrete and steel that make up the city environment for many blocks.

The user experience of our radios is entirely intuitive. Two knobs on the top of the two way radio are placed perfectly for handheld, belt clipped, or pocketed radio use. One controls both power and volume, while the smaller secondary knob denotes which channel any particular radio is on. On one side is a button that triggers the mic when held down, and on the other is an accessory port for two way radio headsets, surveillance headsets, or remote speaker microphones, all of which are also available at Hudson Radios! This ease of use makes any beginner comfortable with a two way radio, even if it’s their first time using it. While using the product itself is easy, one should be ready to learn walkie talkie lingo if they’re going to be on a large-scale job or production. It’ll make everybody’s life easier and communication more efficient!

These radios are also useful for jobs and events of all sizes. Since all of our stock is FCC licensed and on the same frequency band, the radios can accommodate small teams of two to large scale teams of 50+! And because of our FCC license, they can be operated anywhere in the United States! This convenience makes our rental radios a very versatile product.

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