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MiFi? Jetpack? What Are Portable WiFi Hotspots?

Portable WiFi Hotspots
Portable WiFi Hotspot Routers

There are over ten different names for mobile internet hotspots, some of them brand names, others a shortened description of their function (i.e. internet hotspot), and some are just slang that have stuck through the years (see junction box). So what are these devices? Are there different types? And what are their uses?

Let's start with some backstory and a real world example. You are working as an event planner and will be hosting a party for 100 guests. This is a big affair and you will have quite a few social media influencers attending so you need to ensure they have a reliable way to live stream the party, upload photos, and send messages to their friends. This is where a portable internet hotspot comes into play! These 4G/5G devices harness the same cellular network that our phones use, but pass it through a router that allows for multiple devices to connect. Now, you may be wondering, what about the in-house WiFi at the venue? These networks may have hundreds of devices connected to them already so adding another 100 users will lead to throttled bandwidth, shoddy internet speeds, and worst of all, disappointed guests. With rental hotspots, you get a reliable WiFi network that covers a large area and since it is password protected, there are no unwanted connections. This allows your guests to enjoy the full 4G/5G speed of the network, uninterrupted!

Generally speaking, if someone asks for a MiFi, Jetpack, or portable hotspot, they are looking for a battery powered unit. Something that is small, very lightweight, and designed for basic emailing and browsing. Junction Boxes, mobile routers, or wifi hotspot routers are common terms for the larger, more advanced WiFi units. These will be able to support more users, offer ethernet ports, and will have a stronger WiFi network, great for covering larger venues.

There are many other industries that also use these wifi hotspots on a regular basis. Those working in filmmaking, construction, public safety, and catering can all benefit from the portability and ease of use that comes with a portable wifi hotspot.

With solutions for every industry, Hudson Radios covers all of your hotspot rental needs. With both long-term and short-term rental options, you will always be connected. Our rental hotspots include unlimited data as well. That means no unexpected overage fees.

Browse and email freely across the country. Hudson Radios is your source for mobile internet rentals!

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