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Walkie Talkie Lingo

Hudson Radios makes it easy to stay connected while on-set or at your events. From our rental radios to our WiFi Hotspots, we ensure your team is always within reach. Below you will find a slideshow that details the Motorola CP200 and the Motorola PR400 radios, on-set etiquette while operating two way radios, as well as some common walkie talkie codes (walkie talkie lingo) that you will routinely hear.

This will help you save time and communicate more effectively! If you want to download our walky talky PDF, a link is at the bottom!

As always, Hudson Radios is here to help keep you connected for less with low priced rental radios in New York City!

Walkie Talkie Codes


"A bathroom break is needed"

Of the number one variety

Radio Check

"Is my radio working?"

(Person A) For (Person B)

"A crew member is trying to reach someone else specifically"



Hold The Work

"Stop working / making noise"

Stand By

"Please wait a moment"


"A bathroom break is needed"

Of the number two variety

Good Check

"Your radio is working."

Go For (Person B)

"Acknowledging that you are listening to Person A"

Lock It Up

"Don't let people walk through set"

What's Your 20?

"20 = location, What's your location?

Back To One/Reset

"Reset the scene and camera to first position"

Download our Walkie Talkie Lingo PDF

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