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AT&T 4G/5G WiFi Hotspot Setup Instructions and Tips

  1. After opening the Pelican case and removing the contents, attach the antennas to the router. There will be four antennas in total. Please match each antenna to the correct connection on the router (all ports and antennas are labeled).

  2. Find the AC plug labeled "Router AC", it is the smaller of the two included AC adapters.

  3. Connect the 12V pin to the router, then plug into a wall outlet or the provided battery supply (skip to step 5 if using supplied battery pack).

  4. The router will automatically turn on and boot up. Please allow approximately 3 - 5 minutes for the device to attain a steady connection to the AT&T network.

   If using the battery pack...


   5. Turn on the battery pack by sliding the "AC" switch on the left side to "On". Take the router's AC                 power supply and plug into the outlet on the battery pack. The router will automatically turn on and             boot up. Please allow approximately 3 - 5 minutes for the device to attain a steady connection to the           AT&T network.


  1. Ensure your device is unobstructed, do not leave in a case, a separate room, or under street level (such as in a basement) while in operation. This may result in poor connectivity.

  2. If possible, place the device near a window, doorway, skylight, or other opening. This will allow for greater signal strength, and in turn, faster upload and download speeds.

  3. When using for livestreaming or uploading of large files, it is recommended that you use the ethernet ports.

  4. Minimizing the number of devices connected to the router will allow for greater bandwidth. It is recommended that during critical usage (livestreams, video conferences, etc.) only the feeding computer, camera, or switcher be connected to the network.

If you have any trouble in setting up the device or if you would like technical support, please feel free to call us! We will gladly help you get up and running!

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