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Two Way Radio Rentals - Surveillance Headsets, Speaker Mics, and Other Accessories

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Our two way radios for rent can be enhanced with the addition of accessories! You can easily clip commercial walkie talkies onto your person and remotely operate them with one of many different attachments. The most popular for production assistants in NYC is the surveillance earpiece (also known as the surveillance headset). This is a small earpiece that allows for discreet monitoring of the walkie transmissions and has a clip-on microphone. Another option for your event radio rentals is to use the PTT headset (also known as a push to talk headset, over the head headset, McDonald’s headset, Madonna headset, or boom mic headset) This attachment is worn on the head and has a single earphone with a boom mic. This is great for events, warehouse walkie talkies, stage managers, and event coordinators. A clip-on “push to talk” button is pressed whenever you want to speak. The third most common accessory for walkie talkies is known as the speaker microphone (also known as the speaker mic). This unit is clipped onto the lapel or shoulder. It features a speaker as well as a microphone. There is a button on the side that is pressed when you wish to transmit.

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